Why X-Treme

Why Ship with X-Treme:

We are 100% Customer Focused
As a full-service trucking and logistics company, we partner with our customers to ensure we’re providing solutions to their shipping needs.  We understand that we are an integral part of their customer service strategy, so we treat every shipment with the highest of priorities.  Our customers know that when they dispatch a load to us, they don’t need to worry about their freight delivering.  We closely monitor each shipment from the time it’s dispatched to the time it’s signed for.  If a problem arises, we know about it and work to resolve it before our customer knows about it.  We pride ourselves on our customer service and work hard to ensure our service is the best in the industry – not only from our staff, but also from every trucking company and service company we use across the country.  We only work with companies who we know will provide the kind of customer service that we demand.  And in the fast-paced world we work in, our customers take comfort in knowing that our staff is always accessible and when you call our corporate office, you always talk to a live person – never a voice mail.

We Provide Solutions
Not every piece of freight is simple to move.  From single-pallet loads to oversized/overweight loads to hazardous materials, every load requires specific attention to details.  We analyze each shipment to ensure it’s moved safely, legally, and arrives at the destination on time.  Our customers know that no matter what the freight is that needs to be moved, X-Treme has the resources and the know-how to get the job done right.

We are Cost Effective
We know price is always a factor.  And we’re committed to working with our customers to make sure they’re able to add to their bottom line.  We take the time to make all the arrangements so your freight picks up and delivers on time so our customers don’t have to.  We don’t sell price, we sell service.  Ultimately, we help our customers save time and money on every shipment.

Our Commitment to our Customers:

We believe in honesty, integrity, and treating every customer – large and small – with the same level of respect.  We exist as a company because of our customers, and our pledge is to always provide the absolute best customer service possible.  If a problem arises, we work to solve the problem quickly and efficiently so our customers don’t have to.  We don’t sell prices, we sell service and peace of mind.